Friday, January 2, 2009

November/December Contest Winners

The November/December polls have come to an end and we have winners for the cash and prizes. For the randomly selected winners, each person was assigned with a number which I plugged into to do the work of picking a winner. Here goes;

$30 – to the blog with the most overall votes – Metallman's Reverie (72 votes)

$10 – to a random blog submitter – Sally Spencer

$10 – to the person that refers the most traffic – Metallman's Reverie (147 referrals)

5GB account ($79.95 value) – Leslie D Smith

3000 Entrecard credits ($18 value) – thematrix777

Congratulations to all the winners. Could you please contact me via the contact me link to claim your prize.


  1. check out my first contest

  2. I still have not got my prize. How long does it take?

    I have set up an Entrecard card account for you to deposit my winnings. Please deposit my winnings.

    How long does it usually take? I won in January.


  3. Still not got my winnings! !!!!!!!!!