Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Best Other Blog - September

Aslam's BlogBuzz - This site provides articles on Technical Stuffs, Life Experiences etc including a Photo Gallery section where you will find some of the best Photos around. As a special feature this site provides some of the Best Stories which are mostly liked by the teenage groups.

MK Beauty 411 - Updates on my personal Mary Kay business, Beauty tips and trends. Featuring a weekly product give-a-way.

Yoga for Cynics - Thoughts on yoga, cynicism, and everything in between....


  1. Aslam's BlogBuzz A blog to watch out for everyone you out there.

  2. blog to visit of everyone... enjoy reading..........

  3. I voted. Vizit my www.uncover.ro ;)

  4. I don't know any of the blogs on the lists so I cannot vote yet but if you give me time to just look over the entries one by one, I will return to cast my vote. Fair enough? Meantime, here is my blog link:


  5. Dont find your entrecard advert box to drop on you.Anyway thanks for your mesage.

  6. heyy am the winner for the september month.
    mailed the author to have my payment.
    thak yoy best on blogspot

  7. Voting Deadlines

    Most of the states require an absentee ballot request to be made by October 24th. You can click on this link and request your absentee ballot.


    Check your States Deadline Date at http://bostonnewsdesk.blogspot.com/2008/10/apply-for-absentee-ballot.html