Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Best Personal/Diary Blog - September

Love Ely - Matters that had been experienced by me and touched my soul, also something that I thought useful. Hope will touch your soul too.

College Chronicles - College is one rollercoaster! Read up on some of the experiences!

Nardessims - All about life's journey and love's challenges... Starring "The Boy", music, and me...with the occasional cameo featuring my husband, "The Boy's" Dad, as well as other assorted friends and relatives. ENJOY!

A View From Carmine Superiore - Louise is an English mother of two under-4s, living in a medieval village perched high on an outcrop of granite overlooking Italy's Lago Maggiore. Two hundred metres up. No road. Frescos and festas, wild boar and wet beds, cats and carabinieri, village politics and Valpolicella. And always that hill.


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