Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Win $20 by Submitting a Blog in September

Win $20 for Submitting a BlogIn the first ‘half month’ of submissions and voting on Best on Blogspot, 32 blogs were submitted but not a lot of voting took place. As an incentive to get you to submit, vote and get people to vote I am giving away $20 to the person who submits the blog with the most overall votes. In order to be eligible for the prize you will need to get people to vote and how you do it is up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me how you are going to get people to vote. Once voting has ended and a clear winner has been established, the cash will be transferred to the winner via PayPal.

Good Luck!!

Click Here To Submit Your Blog

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  1. Dang... My blog is a hosted wordpress site. I guess I can't enter it.

  2. http://pixel-shack.net/

    technology blog

  3. @ balidreamhome,

    Thanks a lot, are you going to resubmit your blog?

    @ Paunchiness,

    This time around you won’t be eligible to win the prize but I am hoping to have a contest next month where everyone will be eligible to win a prize and not just those with blogs hosted on blogger.

    Be sure to check back then.

    @ Sly Hoax,

    Please submit your blog via the submission form:


  4. hi Gerri,
    Thank you for the invitation.I've submitted my blog to BestonBlogspot
    My other blog on photo is http://www.ultrapixelshots.blogspot.com

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