Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best Business/Marketing Blog - August/September

Pookies Top Money Making Websites - YOUR SOURCE FOR THE BEST FREE MONEY MAKING WEBSITES AND WEB TRAFFIC! After considerable research These are the Top FREE websites out there that pay you for your services whether that be reading emails,surfing the web or referring people

What Do You Think? - What Do You Think addresses business and blogging issues in terms of reaction from viewers.

Informative Topics - Free PLR Articles Republishing Blog.

Business and Technology: A Partnership - The marriage between business and technology continues to grow as technology progresses. Businesses today need technology as much as technology needs business in order to survive. This blog's intent looks at the significance of this important relationship, current issues which emerge in this partnership, and just about anything else that has to do with business.

SCM and ERP Notes - A site on Thoughts, Ideas, Challenges, Opportunities and Trends in Strategy, Supply Chain Management, ERP and General Business. The information will help the users to utliize the best practices and trends from above fields, in their organizations or careers for advancement and success

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