Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best Humour Blog - August/September

Yellowdog Granny - Life of a pagan in a Czech town in central Texas. West, Texas. My views on everything..not politically correct and language is 'earthy'...

nonamedufus - A pop culture geek with time on my hands, I'm just cruising through life, the universe and everything. Don't panic!

Skip's House of Chaos - A wild, eclectic mix of photos, personal observations, movie reviews, political opinions and anything else I find interesting, humorous or thought-provoking. Some of it I write myself, and a lot I post from others (ggiving credit, of course).

40's: Reason's to Live, Love and Laugh out loud - A 40 something woman's attempt to live, love and laugh out loud like no one's watching, and write about it along the way.

Love<3 - lots of random doing adn favorites of mine.

Ruining the Internet - My repository of the things that I find amusing, amazing, bizarre, beutiful, incredible, inventive, outstanding, and downright weird.

The Obnoxious SAHM - Whoever said being a Stay at Home Mom had to be dull and boring was highly mistaken. I take homemaking to a higher level with my quirkiness and sassy attitude. So put on your vintage apron and grab your coffee. Take note, I'll show you how its done!

The Trials Of a madMan - The Insane journey of MegaMan The Madman an alien visitor to Earth.

EyeReckn's Daily Dose - Weekday daily dose of humour for the masses, normally centered around random personal experiences, follower suggested topics, or a topic of great debate.

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