Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best Personal/Diary Blog - August/September

Josh-Izums & Josh-Epinions
- Quote of the day, pic of the day and a article.


Cool Blogs - Anything and everything socially and reviewed.

Rehad Reject - Confessions & Confusions of a Good Girl Gone Bad, Gone Good Again!

Love, Elizabeth - Personal thoughts and observations - - often funny and touching - about my life with: 1. My husband, who has a life-threatening illness. 2. My four daughters - two adopted, one special needs, and one who talks a lot. 3. My messy house and art projects.

Sling's Domain - Things I think about stuff.

Mom's Place - Home & Family includes shopping, cooking, and all other things that i am interested with.

Chris' English School - A Blog/Diary of me and a few of my classes and sometimes llfe in a small town in the countryside of Japan.

Bali dream home - Another blog from Bali island of Indonesia, this blog is summarizing by and from a daily life of a person living in Bali island - Indonesia.

life 'round me N you - people are people…and knowing myself makes me know them, too! There are up’s and down’s; high’s and low’s; good and bad… BUT no matter what – LIFE GOES ON! Life ‘round me and you!

Al Abroad - Al is a cool dude. He is a Peruvian Alpaca finger puppet who likes to travel a lot

Aslam's BlogBuzz - This site provides articles on Technical Stuffs, Life Experiences etc including a Photo Gallery section where you will find some of the best Photos around. As a special feature this site provides some of the Best Stories which are mostly liked by the teenage groups.

Metallman's Reverie - I'm Metallman. Who are you?

Meet The Filipina Blogger - A girl who shares opinions, ideas and experiences that will serve as a guide to everyone.

Digging Up My Past - Adult adoptee's dramatic account of her twenty year search for her birth family, her moving reunion and the life she has built with all members of the adoption triad.

The MAD White Woman - Take a stay-at-home mom who has returned to college, an obsessive/compulsive man thing, a newlywed daughter, a Head Demon and a Demon in Training, mix it together and what do you get? My daily blog about life in our crazy little corner of the world in Virginia.

Sleight of Blog - Personal blog of magician Kurt Moore Larson and his girlfriend true crime nerd and video blogger Gitte Gorzelak.


  1. Thanks for the Immense support given to Aslam's BlogBuzz through your votes. Love ya Awllllll :)

  2. I'm down at the moment... but definitely not out!

  3. I just love being a part of this entire best on blogspot competition. BestOnBlogSpot rocks...

  4. Cheerz to Aslam's BlogBuzz for the success.
    Thanks to all those who took their valuable time to vote for BlogBuzz and made it a successful and thrilling victory.