Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - August/September

Candid Corner - Come here to check out some awesome inpiration poetry and stuff that'll make you think... Now how many things make you do that?

Embedded Quotations - Inspirational and famous quotes etched on cards.

Prompted to Think - Prompted to Think

Believe - I have been documenting my journey in learning and appling the laws of nature to my life. I am 2 months in now. My hope is others will learn them as well with seeing my progress, and everything I learn I am sharing.(I QUIT my job 2 weeks ago)

Reality Is Everything - My opinion and views on everyday life presented to invoke thought, emotion, and open-mindedness. May be funny, may be sad, may be enlightening, may be inspiring...

dreemerzden - My Blog is Enlightening, Informative, and Fun!! It's all about my Life and Experiences. I have been considering slipping in a few "good" ads in there (if I could find some) ;) with my kind of blog it would seem natural and unscripted. Not forced, and glammy like most blogs or sites you see out there. It's has become very expected to be sold to with this medium, and something less shallow would be newly accepted, with the right audience. I hope you enjoy!!! let me know. Thanx!!!!! : ) STELTH IS BETTER!!!!

Everlasting Riches - Healthy living, Personal development and ways of creating Everlasting wealth.

Cocco Butter - A blog featuring issues that affect today's black woman.

Jesus Knows You Best - Unique on and see...if you need strength, guidance, love and hope...this inspirational blog will bring you closer to God immediately! Read a short Post and feel your heart and attitude brighten...."All things are possible with God". Jesus is my best friend and HE can make your life better . Please visit and be surprised...3 minutes can change your life! Guaranteed...

Ashok's Blog - Your best place to start the day ! Jokes, Cartoons, Facts, Thoughts, Pictures & interesting information


  1. Good one on Personal Development and it helps a lot.

    Karim - Positive thinking

  2. Casey Hedglin Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - August/September