Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best "Other" Blog

Aslam's BlogBuzz - This site provides articles on Technical Stuffs, Life Experiences etc including a Photo Gallery section where you will find some of the best Photos around. As a special feature this site provides some of the Best Stories which are mostly liked by the teenage groups.

MobileZgames - download mobile games for free

Varun’s Vacation Vagaries
- n. pl. va·ga·ries An extravagant or erratic notion or action. Just as the name suggests,the blog is about my vacation vagaries.I write random,funny articles,reviews of films,books,software and solve a computer problem or two. Visit y vagaries for a good time.

MK Beauty 411 - Updates on my personal Mary Kay business, Beauty tips and trends. Featuring a weekly product give-a-way.

Best Technology/Geek Blog

Certification of Telecommunication Devices in Indonesia - E-Books and Popular Books categories In The World.

Best Religious Blog

Koans of the Foolish Master - A growing collection of Zen koans.

Best Political Blog

Raw Dawg Buffalo - african american and world politics, culture, opinion and satire

Spectator Editorial - Conservative analysis of local and national news.

Best Personal/Diary Blog

Kats Litter Box - I am a teacher by day a blogger by night. I have a mixture of things on my blog and you never know what you will get, one day you may cry, one day laugh hysterically, or one day I may make you angry but it's all good.

Bali Dream Home
- It's not about a dream, it's about reality.

My Life My Way - its voice of young Indian

Best Parenting Blog

Midwest Moms - Midwest Moms is a place to share the ups, downs, tips, humor, and wonder of being an American mom.

Best Music/Video Blog

What Does This Song Mean To Me? - Music can completely change my mood, take me back in time and enrich my life. Music ties people together because it gives them a common ground. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Best Make Money Online/Work At Home Blog

Show Me The Money - a blog on ways of making money on and offline via various means.

Job Online - Information that useful on the internet

Webkinz by Ganz - we sell high quaility webkinz at a cheap prices.Cheap & Trusted by

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog

Jan's CycleCast Blog - A series of CycleCasts - psychic weather readings - for the discerning fellow-traveler; seasoned with observations about living in the world of subtle energies and creative endeavors.

How To Love a Black Woman - This is basically a blog about my experiences with men and what I feel black women need in order to be loved right.

Best Humour Blog

Black Zedd’s Basic Literature - A satirical commentary on our corporate world. Covering career tips, management, marketing and business strategies in an opposite perspective.

Beyond Left Field - Satirical look at news and of everyday events...

Spectacular Blog
- A gorgeous, awful, wonderful, terrible, sweet, frothy, pink, moist internet time-kill.

Weird eBay Listings - Can I interest you in some used gym socks? How about a two-headed cow? In these posts you'll find descriptions of and links to some of eBay's most original, creative and just plain weird listings.

Confessions of a Brutally Honest Blonde - the always sarcastic, usually humorous thoughts of a 23 yr old blonde chick from the big city

Best Health and Wellbeing Blog

A New Beginning - My blog is about Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) a chronic, progressive neurological disorder that I have. It has articles of people, medical research, support issues and general information regarding the disease.

iFashionhits - free tips for health and beauty,hollywood and bollywood gossips

Best Entertainment Blog

Spectator Short Stories - A collection of short stories

Mini Games - Information about mini games. 1000% Free download mini games, no pay games, crack, keygen, Gamehouse games, PopCap games, and many more

Movie Holic - a review about film that I've seen

Town of Fun - no gossip, who inspired you, biodata,video clip, bloopers, jokes, hot celebrities, asian calebrities, hollywood, bollywood, photos, pictures, poster, SPORTS,

Best Celebrity/Gossip Blog

Glad Its Night – Where the Stars Have Soul - Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Glad It’s Night, where sophisticated entertainment news lives (we don’t like the word gossip). Glad It’s Night is a Celebrity blog, that is updated daily with a witty, and “unique” (if you will) sensibility. If your a pop culture, fashion, and celebrity junkie then you’ve found your fix!

Best Business/Marketing Blog

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