Friday, July 16, 2010

Best Make Money Online/Work At Home Blog - July/August

Make Money Online Free - A personal blog of a 23 year old girl that discusses free ways to make money on the internet, while also tracking her own earnings and progress in the "make money online" world.

Make Money Blogging - How to make some money from your blog? Find the latest trends in making money online free. BlogTactic is the right place to learn how to blog and make your blog a success.

Free Money Maker - Its about online money making system,blogging tips,seo tips and for free backlinks

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Animal/Pet Blog - July/August

Its My Space - The blog written on Animal Rights, Animal Protection and cruelty against animals.

Best Beauty and Fashion Blog - July/August

Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations - Ever since i was 3 years old and was able to pick up a pencil, i haven't been able to put it down since! I'm an aspiring fashion designer/illustrator. This is my work.....hope you all enjoy! x

Elisa K - Fashion is my inspiration. I blog about what fuels my inspiration. It's life as I, Elisa K., see it. I figure, I'm going to go in style to Only God Knows Where.

Flirty Diva Tees - Tees made by Women made for Women and Girls. Always free shipping and gift wrapping.

Best Blogging Tips Blog - July/August

Vivências - Blog en portugais et blogue em francês

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Best Business/Marketing Blog - July/August

The Princess of Poker! - This is a fun poker blog on poker software, poker rooms and on making money online by playing poker! Working in a poker software development company and being an avid poker player gives me that extra high we all look for in life. The middle card in a royal flush :) That's ME!

Confessions of a Not So Willing Workaholic - A blog about a Work At Home Mom's Experiences with Online Employment

Full Circle Admin Services - Mindy Schwartz is the Owner and Project Manager for Full Circle Admin Services. Suppy blogging, Author and Book Marketing, Business and Invidual Marketing, Maintain and Setup of Facebook and Twiiter, Social Networking..........

Best Celebrity/Gossip Blog - July/August

Pei's Penny Thoughts - A gossip blog, but different in that it has links to where I get my information and its not rude or crude. I don't make fun!

Portrait Caricatures - Caricature for gift, celebrity, humour, political cartoon.

Time To Be Famous! - Time 2 be Famous ! - Get your Daily Famous & Popular News here.

Best Entertainment Blog - July/August

Download RealPlayer SP for FREE


E=MC^2 (A NEW ENERGY EVOLVED) - Here our blog world will enhance all ur needs through our quality posts and product enhacements.

Truthfully Speaking - Films, TV, Music, Celebrities - anything that takes our fancy really... No Shade. Just Truth.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - A blog dedicated to the upcoming online game (MMORPG) Star Wars: The old Republic

Diary of a Dead Moth - It's a blog where a teacher is relieved of all pains that the education system is constantly making the students feel. His diary becomes talkative, but all talks are spoken through the dried lips of a dead moth - lying as part of the moth-eaten society.

A Network of Entertainment - Take a look at what keeps me amused until the wee hours of the morning

RossobastardoLive - Blog for everybody!

Colours and Sounds - Education, photography, music, movie, internet - a world full of colours and sounds.

Raw Hollywood - This blog is all about being real & raw, there isn't any sugar coating anything when it comes to the entertainment business. RAW HOLLYWOOD!

Best Food Blog - July/August

Healthy Cook Recipes - Make a healthy food by choose a cook recipe from Healthy Cook Recipes. Eating healthy food for help your health better is a good idea for your long life.

BBQing Tips From Deep In The Heart Of Oregon! - Discover & pass on really simple recipes (well not all of them are simple), and cool tips that will improve your barbecue, grilling & general cooking skills. Also, to help you find just the right BBQ grill and accessories that will suit your needs!

Luxury Indulgence - Luxury Indulgence is a one-stop blog sharing years of fine dining, luxury shopping & adventurous fusion cooking experience, plus bringing you the latest Sale Events & Contests.

Best Health and Wellbeing Blog - July/August

Herbal Healthcare - The herbal began to disappear as medicine acquired a more scientific approach, but it has enjoyed a revival of interest as more people have turned to self-care and herbal medicine.

Medical treatment by baths and mineral waters : SPA - Hydropathy is probably the oldest form of medical treatment. It involves the use of water for soothing pains and treating diseases. Use of water as a therapeutic treatment for all forms of disease.

Wellness Warrior - A blog all about natural health and healing. The Wellness Warrior has tips on nutrition, detoxing, natural beauty, meditation and positive thinking - all written in a fun, casual and informative way. It also has a specific section dedicated to beating and preventing cancer.

From A Clinician's Bioscope - Free to read health related news and articles.

Clinician On Net - Free to read health news, views, reviews and articles at one place.

Daily Green Bar - celebrating healthy food and green smoothies and their relevance to various health issues and nutrition

Best Humour Blog - July/August

Josh's Life Blog - It's just a fun blog :) (with chances to win e-gift cards when i get some followers)

Holy Mackerel - A usually humorous look at life's foibles, from a lonely woman's standpoint, which is most often extremely skewed and unrealistic. All this without drugs!

Skip's House of Chaos - Humor, politics, a healthy dose of insanity, and anything else I want to put on here...

Yellowdog Granny - redneck pagan Granny from small town in Central Texas writes about her home town, and her slant on the world.

nonamedufus - A hilarious look at life, current events and farts. Hey, you gotta laugh!

Can We Have A New Witch? Ours Melted - Blog about a crazy Texas housewife and the silly things that happen during her day.

Random Odd Shit - Funny pics, videos, stories, links, etc. from all across the internets. Whatever I see out there that amuses me will be collected and stored here along with sarcastic descriptions.

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - July/August

Heard any good Audiobooks lately? Get one free!

A Life of Rhyme - Free Poems and rhymes for birthdays, weddings and all other special occasions.

Personality Development - Personality Development, Self Improvement, Building Leadership and Positive Attitude, Human Resource Development, CEO Guide, Emotional Intelligence, Management Principle, Greatness Guide, Positive Thinking, Creative Intelligence, Life Style, Intuition, Brainstorming.

Random Thoughts - A feel good read blog. To be enjoyed by everyone. A motivational blog to move ahead rather than to look at our past and brood about it. The sun always comes out to shine after a rainy day.

The Coach Amy - I am a Certified Life Coach out there trying to reach anyone I can.

Sanctuario Christian Ministries - This is blog where you can find encouragement that uplifts your soul...

Best Music/Video Blog - July/August

Kim Novak - im Novak : French indie rock band. KLuck and accident first album produced by Markus Draws (Coldplay, the Arcade Fire) and François Chevalier (Emilie Simon, Bjork.)

Christian Music Downloads - This blog provides links and sources on Christian Music and where you can download it for free. The music it offers are Contemporary Chriastian Music (CCm).

Best Other Blog - July/August

FragmentedBlog - The blog is called Fragmented-BLog i.e a blog made up of various fragments like....Tech-News, Blogging, Softwares, Internet, Gadgets, Tips etc

Random Thoughts - My blog is to help others feel good about themself. Its a collection of reading material I have found very interesting. And i dont want to lose lose hence i decided to blog about it.

Graphic Design - Mehdi Haghshenas,Graphic Designer and Researcher

Ryan Gonzo - A little but of everything that makes life worth living. Discovering more about ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

Mystery of the World - Mystery, skeptic, unique All about world maybe you didn't know was here ...

Today's Gain - this blog tries to analyse the Indian stock market Nifty-50 target for a day or two with emphasis on a particular stock for the next trading season.Anyone who follows this blog does it on his own discretions and risks!

The Queen Speaks - Single mom and mixed media artist writes about art and life. Tutorials on different art processes, book and product reviews, artist interviews, giveaways, personal parenting anecdotes, and art - mine and the promotion of other artists. Just doing my best to stay out of the asylum!

Hydroponics - Soil-less Gardening - For saving space and soil, this method also has several other benefits, including no soil-borne diseases, no weeds to pull and no soil to till, run-of-the-mill side benefits of soil-less gardening.

Find Answers - A one-stop for your questions on Relationships, Self-Improvement, Health, Blogging and Pregnancy.

Earn Money With Vijayanths - Blog has articles on varied subjects such as make money online free, love, numerology, work at home, relationships, work from home, self improvement and internet home business.

Truly Unsophisticated - Hazel loves you.

Itchin' Stitchin' - Everyday life of a mother with 3 children trying to get a start into the crafting/ craft book industry - showing off her latest works of art

Big Dreams for A Simple Life - My family's journey towards living an eco-friendly, self sustainable, frugal lifestyle.

Saveatunities - The opportunity to save something, time, money, relationships, sanity, the planet, anything and everything

UbecExtreme - A Blog dedicated in bringing to Cebu Naruto Shippuden, ubecextreme, Bleach, Online Games, Ragnarok Online 2, gadgets, music, places, food, celebrities, online gaming, fashion, politics, gamers and tech news

as i see it | | seotrollverse - life, seo and entertainment

Best Parenting Blog - July/August

Phonics and Homeschooling - The resources for teach children at home. A method of teaching reading in which people learn to associate letters with the speech sounds they represent, rather than learning to recognize the whole word as a unit. Also find information about children education.

Best Personal Finance/Money Saving Tips Blog – July/August

Top Money Making Websites - Make money online with Pookies top trusted legit money making websites that pay you.Unbiased reviews information strategy Seo and proven money making tips

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Best Personal/Diary Blog - July/August

All Introspect - A blog on life, literature and everything in between.

A Journey of Life - my personal diary and small bit and pieces of my life

Read About Girls Psychology - Read the minds of Girls and what they think about boys, their feelings, nature & the way of thinking !!

Blue Tomato Journal - Poetic musings - photos - personal music videos - journal sketches

XOXO Joanna - Music, life, photography, friends, passion.

Future Perfect - A blog about anything everything....but no nonsense!

Chris' English School in Japan - Me coming outta Hawaii and teaching English in Japan at my own little School

~*~Tinkerbell~*~ - The magical journal of a Dutch witch used for thoughts, experiences, comments and anything else that comes to mind.

Active Art - My blog is art, politics and activism.

Metallman's Reverie - I'm Metallman. Who are you?

♥P!nK LatT3♥ - I'm not pretty, I'm not ugly, I'm not caring, I'm not bossy, I'm not smart, I'm not stupid, I'm not funny, I'm not bored, I'm not jolly, I'm not 100% perfect. I'm just me. I'm just Liki.. I may be blur,crazy and blur again..but this is the side of me..and it would never loses it place in me..=) Read my blog and get addicted ♥

Life According To Me - Rants and Stuff about my Life and how I deal with success and failure..

101 Things in 1001 Days - In 2007, I made a list of 101 things that I wanted to do within 1001 days. I crossed off most of the things on my first list, so now I'm into my second list of 101 things, and my second 1001 days. This blog charts my progress.

A View From Carmine Superiore - Life in a tiny stone-built medieval village high on a mountainside overlooking Italy's Lago Maggiore. Medieval and modern. Children and chickens. Barbera and books. Felines and frescoes. The mountains and the lake. All without the benefit of a road...

The Diary of a Lesbionic Socialite - Senior Executive Account Manager by Day & Sticky Fetish Dominatrix by Night.

Sanctuary of my Emotions - This blog talks about my life experiences, thoughts, ideas, emotions.

Outbox of Meg: Wanderings and Wonderings of Meg - Life is beautiful, I wanna share it! My life experiences may be the same or different from others may I be a blessing. I love this digital age and want something to look back in the future.

My Life My World My Dream - A Graphic Design Students daily life :D bring u into the design world and the progress of designing

Stars In The Endless Softness Of The Sky - This blog captures the comical, ironic, beautiful side of an otherwise dull and ordinary life. Savour life analysed by an eccentric, excessively perceptive, insufficiently logical. - March 17, 2010 - I found my old page with few of my old posts. It made me sad to see those abandoned words. I use to think I did not choose the words, they chose me. I feel bad to have abandoned them when they so kindly picked me. I will not abandon you anymore...

Best Photo Blog - July/August

English Wilderness
- Exploring the wild places of the U.K. in photos


Alaska Nitty-Gritty - A frequently updated photo blog featuring the temperate rain forest of Southeast Alaska and its environs.

The Retirement Chronicles - This blog has photography and humor.

Best Political Blog - July/August

Politics by Beast - Political commentary that doesn't suck.

Magnanimous News - Media serve are just division agents for the banker gangsters. Magnanimous News stands in the way of attempts to cause violence.

EYEAM4ANARCHY - Political commentary, news, current events, opinion, and analysis from an Anarchist point of view.

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Best Relationships Blog - July/August

Secular Citizen (R S P Raj) - looking for life partner

Best Reviews Blog - July/August

Mom's Best Bets - "Mom's Best Bets," is a site to inspire a healthier way of living. It features eco crafts, recipes,and the BEST reviews and giveaways for the whole family!

Best Religious Blog - July/August


As The Crackhead Crumbles - I hope to help clear-up much of the confusion that now exists concerning our Heavenly Father and the righteousness of all of His most awesome ways, especially in regards to just who we are and the very close and personal relationship that we can have with Him.

Too Many Questions - Exploring the ludicrous mythological landscape presented by the world's many fallacious religions. Think what you hold to be true is reality? Think you have a soul? Think your god is all that? Think again!

Best Society/Culture Blog - July/August

A BadGalSays - A BadGalSays is all about the stuff that makes you shake your head and ask why ? because you want to know, We Ask Why - it's The Suss.

The Diary of a Dead Moth - Things related to me, myself and I are here.

Thin Skin of Culture - One man's mission to finish a 501 book reading list (501 Must Read Books) that he received as a Christmas gift.

Feel Sorrowful To Someone Death - Respect for the dead, burial and Mourn for dead people. When a loved one dies, grieving family members and friends often are confronted with dozens of decisions about the funeral - all of which must be made quickly and often under great emotional duress.

Gullibility - Imagine...never being duped again. A blog that takes a second look at what people believe at first glance.

Original Wavelength - Blog about cross-cultural issues, culture, comparative religion, psychology, society, history, inter-cultural management and communication, international business, multicultural team-working and human resource development and management (HRD and HRM).

The Urban Jungle - THE URBAN JUNGLE' is an urban blog collective in the style of a magazine, which is lovingly brought to you by a bunch of young creatives from all parts of the world.
The aim is to share our views, inspiration and visual experiences of life in the concrete city. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
"What is the city but the people?" ~William Shakespeare.

Best Sports Blog - July/August

Run 2011 - Having shifted over 90 pounds of body weight, I have set myself the task of running the 2011 London Marathon as a final goodbye to the obesity which has plagued me since childhood! I will be blogging my experiences, my training, my diet, my moods and random thoughts....

Anarchy in the Endzone - A sports related blog primarilycovering pro football. Includes my weekly pick of the NFL games. I pick both the straight up winner and against the spread each week. I do also on occasion post about non NFL related subjects such as College football, the UFL (the Las Vegas Locos), mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, and any other sports related subjects that happen to catch my interest at the time.

Best Technology/Geek Blog - July/August

Hacker Hubz - Hack Gmail Password, We will teach you hacking from the very beginning, providing you detailed tutorials and tools you will need to get started, You don't need to be an expert to start here.. all you need is zeal to learn..

UT Four Point Zero - Unsolved Blogging about SEO, Technology and Social Media Life.

iPod Genius - This blog is all about iPod and iTunes. Here you can find answers to most of your questions related to your iPod/iTunes. Also users can ask questions and their answers will be mailed to them or published within 24 hours. With daily 150+ visitors within a matter of 1 year time, this blog has received many good reviews.

Update Your Life With New Gadget - Make your life update with in trend products. Find the new gadget or special products. From top manufacturer in the world. As computer, electric, watch, gadget, mp 3, mobile phone.

Digital Inspiration | Inspiring Online - igital innovation is a technology blog by siaar. He writes articles based on his lifetime experiences on computers, gadgets, cell phones, mlm, social media, seo, and more for your clearance so that you spend long time doing things you really be found of.

Evolver - Its about computers and their basic issues...

Tharaka's Scrap Book - Tharaka's Scrap Book

InfoVerto: SCM and ERP Notes - Sharing of high end research on supply chain management and enterprise resource planning completely free of cost

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Best Travel Blog - July/August

A Postcard a Day - Posts a new card from the collection every day, complete with a few fascinating facts about the places shown.

DANDELI! EXPLORE THE UNEXPLORED - Information provider about the place Dandeli

All Underwater - A blog about underwater. Three quarters of our earth is water. But not only the surface, there are many quantity that cannot calculate in underwater. The dark world of boundless life and many mysterious things. Find the Interested place for Scuba Driving and accessories for Underwater.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best on Blogspot Polls July/August 2010

It has been a while since polls have been run. The good news is polls where people can vote for the best Blogger/Blogspot blog are opening up soon! The upcoming polling period is set to run from July the 15th through to the end of August.

If you haven’t already submitted your Blogger blog but would like to, you can do so by going to the ‘Submit a blog’ page.

If you don’t have a blog or for some reason do not want to submit your site but still want to take part, you could sponsor a prize and get people know about you that way.

Good luck to everyone.