How It Works

This is a community driven blog where people submit blogs they think are deserving of being recognized as one of the best blogspot blogs. A blog post for each of the categories will be posted and submissions added to the relevant category post. The post will contain a voting widget as well as short descriptions and links to the submissions.

Voting will be open for a month (or longer from time to time) and the blog with the most overall votes wins a prize. Other prizes may be given out from time to time and it will vary from one voting period to another.

You will need to be a little proactive and drum up support. The more votes you get, the better your chances of coming out on top and winning! Previous winners and other submitters have noticed a good amount of originating from Best on Blogspot which is another thing that works in you favour.

If you have any ideas for improvement or ways of making it work better, do get in touch and it will be taken into consideration.

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