Saturday, November 1, 2008

Best Travel Blog - November/December

iLuvPhilippines-Tarlaqueñps Blog - travel guide.promoting Philippine hotspots

Just A Plane Ride Away
- An artist from Texas living the expat life in England.

Cheapest Airfare - Find the cheapest airfare - discounts, airline coupon codes, cheap flights, last minute flight specials, upgrades, etc.

Merely My Opinion - Inside the mind of a 5th-generation Filipino-Apache born and bred in Cebu, the Philippines.

Best Technology/Geek Blog - November/December

Hidden Gems From Untold Treasures - The world is a huge stage and internet makes it a global village. Agreed that everybody has open access to everything. But isn't it always an experience that we all could not spot what is in our sight. It is always fun, excitement and joy to uncover, discover, recover

Type Approval Services
- Type Approval - Compliance - Certification Partnership

Best Personal Finance/Money Saving Tips Blog - November/December

Frugal Wizard - Frugal Wizard is about managing your money on the cheap side. Being Frugal is all about saving and spending correctly to get the most bang for your buck.

Best Beauty & Fashion Blog - November/December

DivaShop - A day in the life of a beauty & fashion shopaholic. Things I've bought, things I want, news, reviews, & tips.

Best Political Blog - November/December

EuroYank NEW WORLD ORDER REPORTS - American Censored News, Disinformation, Propaganda Videos and Special Reports To Shock & Awe You!

Each Others Keeper - great new blog about politics, life, economics, and real-life issues from a fresh perspective

- All about the mess in Zimbabwe

Political Sounding Board - Adressing political issues in American Politics. Honest accesment of the current conditions of the political world.

Best Photo Blog - November/December

Photos From Phoenix2life - This blog would display photographs, tools used for photography, information on photography equipments and related goodies.

New York Nitty-Gritty - Daily updated photographs of New York City and its environs. Over 1,300 posts to date.

PhotoThoughts - Draggin' my cam along with me... takin' pictures as ) go...

G@ttoGiallo's Shots In Africa - Nigeria & Benin travel pics.

Musings of a Vicks Inhaling Man - Mentholated Contemplation of Life

Best Personal/Diary Blog - November/December

Tinkerbell - The magical journal of a Dutch witch used for thoughts, experiences, comments and anything else that comes to mind.

Dosox Journal - A Brief Walk Before I Go

My Pregnancy Gossip - For 18+ Readers only please: I am a Young Author & established internet artist, now a soon to be Mommy! Read my rants & raves, my non-stop thoughts & Insanity. My Daily living is now an open book.

- Life, Moscow, photos.

Poetry - Express your feeling...Words that float from within.. Yet nothing has certainty.... It is about taking it one day at a time... I’m touched by life and circumstances.. And I begin over here .... A collection of inspirational poems that express My insightful journey through life, love, and the spiritual realm.

A Singaporean in London
- London through the eyes of a Singaporean. Offers lighthearted insights to the differences in culture and way of life.

Metallman's Reverie
- What are you views on life? What are you thoughts on random nothingness. Add some poetry, anime, reviews, movies, and everything else and you have my blog.

Broadway Matron - I rant and rave, I post pics of my new grandson and my cats; sometimes jokes, have an on-going photo commentary of Philadelphia, where we just moved to. It is an eclectic mix of what goes on in my world and the planet at large.

Redhead Ranting
- The rantings of a twice divorced mother of two, caretaker of one parent and "mom" to a stupid dog and a killer cat.

Aria'z Ink - One woman's journey of self-realization while juggling parenting, relationships and stay-at-home mom life as a newly-southernized-California-Yankee...

Best Parenting Blog - November/December

Ramblings Of a Stay At Home Mom, With Nothing Better To Do - I talk about whatever I feel like. If it strikes me as funny or interesting, I put it in there.

Best "Other" Blog - November/December

Another Contest - This belong is blog to share with you about contest happening at blogsphere which I have taken part

VTUNEWS - About an engineering university in India.

Everything Under The Sun - A MULTI-PURPOSE BLOG

Muscat's Insomniac
- A blog about life in Muscat, by an expat teenager...with cooking and photography obsessions

Best Make Money Online/Work At Home - November/December

Make Money From Photos Online - Make Money From Photos Online. Primarily From Google Adsense.

Make Money Online - MoneyBush™ is here to point out the best and most effective ways to make money online. Many people are making great money from blogs, and my goal is to help you find out how to do it for yourself. I was making about $12 a day in the 3rd month of my WidgetsForFree™ blog. I will also show you how to generate legitimate traffic for your blog, which is essential when it comes to monetization.

Make Money Online With Phoenix2Life
- My efforts to earn and to help to earn some money online. This blog would have links to deals, reviews of various sites, Social Spark, EntreCard,dNeero etc sites social conversation efforts as well as review about various money making ideas.

Generate Free Money and Traffic
- Its about money making ideas with blogging tips about traffic,popularity,resources etc.

Money Online Project
- A project of making money from the internet without any spending

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - November/December

Inspired Journey - An inspirational and motivational look at living the law of attraction. Personal and spiritual development and self awarness tips.

The Inspired Self - The Inspired Self is about raising people’s consciousness and helping them become conscious creators of their own lives. I believe that it is through our relationships with others we achieve our goals and grow.

Personality Development - Best web page on Personality Development, Self Improvement, Building Leadership and Positive Attitude, Human Resource Development, CEO Guide, Emotional Intelligence, Management Principle, Greatness Guide, Positive Thinking, Creative Intelligence, Life Style, Intuition, Brainstorming.

Inner Sanctuary - This blog is about the everyday questions we have as we walk our spiritual paths. Inspiring and empowering words of wisdom.

Best Humour Blog - November/December

Templi Beholder - Humor/Monsters/Philosophy/Ray Harryhausen/Art/Fantasy/42/Archaeology/Underground tunnels/Reviews of old books/Current events/Scepticism/Xanth/Gahan Wilson glorification/

No seriously, your dog's a genius - new webcomic

Best Health and Wellbeing Blog - November/December

Whole Food Multis-Real Nutritional Suppliments - An overview of the whole food nation. Offering information on health issues, vitamin safety, and FDA recalls.

In The Bedroom With Sally - For Southern African women and their health and well being in the bedroom

A New Beginning - My blog is about RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and how it affects my life and others. It has medical articles, and anything that would be helpful to the RSD patient.

Best Food Blog - November/December

Janet is Hungry - Anecdotal recipe and food journal with lots of food pictures.

Best Entertainment Blog - November/December

Byxbuzz - Source of the latest buzz about anything under the sun!!!

Angels Kingdom - Friends - This blog is dedicated to MOVIES !!! I will be posting my reviews on cool hollywood flicks along with download links....So whenever you are bored simply log on to mah blog, kick off your shoes, sit back and enjoy.

Understanding Eli
- From an obsessive compulsive mind comes this mixed bag of a blog from Stephen Eli Harris. It features articles from a variety of topics from politics to comics and everything in between.

Jigsaws Lair - A blog about movies,tv and books! Especially Sci Fi and Horror but everything else too.Humour is a big part also!

Best Business/Marketing Blog - November/December

Plan your retirement, with various investment - this site tell us about planning retirement with choosing the right investment instrumets like stocks, mutual funds, forexs etc.

Internet Marketing Tips
- Everything about marketing tips

BCN Welcome Services - BCN Welcome Services Blog offers up-to-date information about Barcelona and Spain to expats moving to Spain.

Best Blogging Tips - November/December

Money Making and Blogging Tips - It is a website that offers news, tips about how to make presence in the blogosphere.

SEO and Traffic Guide
- Everything about SEO, traffic, blogging and more

- Tips on how to generate income for life online

Blogger Widgets - Blogger widgets hacks tutorials tips tricks

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$10 – to a random blog submitter

$10 – to the person that refers the most traffic

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All going well as sponsors come on board, more cash and prizes will be added as the days and weeks go by so check back regularly for updates.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Best Animal/Pet Blog - October

My Doggies - My doggies has information about dog, dogs, dog breeds, dog breeders, dog training, dog health, dog food, dog care and dog boarding.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Personal/Diary Blog - October

AKS Blog - A blog aimed at desperate readers. Find out everything from blogging tips to unique dating tips. Redefine your personality by following simple PD tips. Get in depth reviews on whats hot and whats not. Know more about me from my personal experiences. Explore blogging in depth. In short, expect quality from this blog or just don't visit.

Wine at Five? - Life short. Live it to the fullest and drink lots of wine along the way. A personal blog about wine, family life, humorous posts, and all things relevant to me.

Thoughts of a Girl - Random thoughts of a regular girl.

The Abstract Mind - Abstract Ideas and interest..any interesting topic to share..

Dosox Journal - A Brief Walk Before I Go

Best Health and Wellbeing Blog - October

REENASHWINA - Health and wellbeing

Burn Fat 'n' Build Muscle
- The blog is an excellent resource for burning fat and building muscle. It is full of great information with absolutely up to date and researched articles.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best 'Other' Blog - October

I Luv Contest - This is Sherry's blog about contest in the blogsphere which I have took part and also other that interest me.

Shopping - This is Sherry shopping blog about shopping experience as well as info about blogs with giveaway and others.

Heal the World - A charity blog aimed at creating awareness to help the underprivileged.

Medley of Hues - Display of some of my Digital and Conventional Art.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Best Technology/Geek Blog - October

Free iPhone 3G - You can have your own free iPhone 3G just by clicking the link and follow the rest of instructions

Friday, October 3, 2008

Best Society/Culture Blog - October

The Shaun Says This... - The Shaun is a symbol of my confidence and knowledge of self.

Original Wavelength - This blog is about cross-cultural issues, culture, psychology, inter-cultural management and communication, international business, team-working and human resource development and management (HRD and HRM).

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - October

How To Love A Black Woman - This is basically a blog about my experiences with men and what I feel black women need in order to be loved right

In Pursuit of Fulfillment - Everyone desires fulfillment in their lives, and I'm no exception. As a writer, I'm choosing to use the most powerful tool at my disposal to help me achieve this goal. Whatever your dreams, I hope that this blog can inspire you in some way to work toward achieving them.

Safrican in the Ukay - Positive Thoughts on Life.

Merely My Opinion about the travails of an out-of-work warrior caught in a mid-life crisis and who uses his idle time by writing and blogging about his advocacies regarding mountaineering as a sport, free and open source software use, a gunless society, environmental protection and awareness, pro-life and responsible parenthood and his reminiscings

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Best Other Blog - September

Aslam's BlogBuzz - This site provides articles on Technical Stuffs, Life Experiences etc including a Photo Gallery section where you will find some of the best Photos around. As a special feature this site provides some of the Best Stories which are mostly liked by the teenage groups.

MK Beauty 411 - Updates on my personal Mary Kay business, Beauty tips and trends. Featuring a weekly product give-a-way.

Yoga for Cynics - Thoughts on yoga, cynicism, and everything in between....

Best Technology/Geek Blog - September

Waves of Technology - Provides cool XML blogger templates and themes, blogging helps, tips and blogger tricks to make your blogs more beautiful! Also provides Latest Waves of Technology, tech news, news about new tech ventures and startups. Look out for latest reviews of websites and internet based services.

World Through Coloured Glasses
- About technology that affects peoples lives

Best Sports Blog - September

Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta - River Journeys and Tales of Inspiration and Adventure with sports, entertainment, politics, opinion and essays as well.

Best Religious Blog - September

In The Quest of Truth - I want all of you, who read this blog to break the barrier of his own limitations and social stigma. Think independently and broaden your mind as much as possible. If you have any thoughts that you feel is a higher level in broadness, I would like you to share, and I shall share with others in this blog.

Best Photo Blog - September

Pixel Shots - This is a blog about everything on a photo around the world which is amazing,fun,hilarious,exciting,and bizarre to enlighten one heart.You will find every post and pictures here interesting,of high value and most important with some jokes/comment to make you feel good .

Best Personal/Diary Blog - September

Love Ely - Matters that had been experienced by me and touched my soul, also something that I thought useful. Hope will touch your soul too.

College Chronicles - College is one rollercoaster! Read up on some of the experiences!

Nardessims - All about life's journey and love's challenges... Starring "The Boy", music, and me...with the occasional cameo featuring my husband, "The Boy's" Dad, as well as other assorted friends and relatives. ENJOY!

A View From Carmine Superiore - Louise is an English mother of two under-4s, living in a medieval village perched high on an outcrop of granite overlooking Italy's Lago Maggiore. Two hundred metres up. No road. Frescos and festas, wild boar and wet beds, cats and carabinieri, village politics and Valpolicella. And always that hill.

Best Parenting Blog - September

The Wise (*Young) Mommy - Musings and discussion about the world we live in today through the eyes of a young, hip (crazy) work-at-home mother and wife. It is a forum for discussion on motherhood, womanhood, sex, current events, issues, and hot topics in society. If a mommy thinks it, does it or needs it, you will find it here!

Best Make Money Online/Work At Home Blog - September

Business Blog - This is a blog about how to create and getting started with a new blog.This blog also cover how to get a free professional blog templates and tools to enhance your blog.There will be tips on getting massive traffic and reviews on potential making money online programs

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - September

How To Love A Black Woman - This is basically a blog about my experiences with men and what I feel black women need in order to be loved right

Best Humour Blog - September

Angry Clown - A blog by the most cleverest people ever and junk and its like totally like super funny and totally!

Best Entrtainment Blog - September

SARASPY - pop culture nonsense from Brooklyn

Best Business/Marketing Blog - September

SEO – Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Tips - SEO, SEM and Online marketing Tips, Reviews, News and Article by this blog will be written on the basis of my own experiences and practices which I have done during websites optimization, analysis and promotions. I will include in it On Page Factor, Off Page Factor, Web Analysis, Search Engines Updates, Web 2.0, Adwords/PPC and Social Media Optimization.

Traders’ Hub - ideas,views and opinions on money, investments, scams, credit, and alternative lifestyle.

Best Animal/Pet Blog - September

Aviaro Pendes - Baby of canaries and exotic, silvestrismo and hybridization, canaricultura sports and ornithology in general.

Win $20 by Submitting a Blog in September

Win $20 for Submitting a BlogIn the first ‘half month’ of submissions and voting on Best on Blogspot, 32 blogs were submitted but not a lot of voting took place. As an incentive to get you to submit, vote and get people to vote I am giving away $20 to the person who submits the blog with the most overall votes. In order to be eligible for the prize you will need to get people to vote and how you do it is up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me how you are going to get people to vote. Once voting has ended and a clear winner has been established, the cash will be transferred to the winner via PayPal.

Good Luck!!

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PJN July Promo

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Best "Other" Blog

Aslam's BlogBuzz - This site provides articles on Technical Stuffs, Life Experiences etc including a Photo Gallery section where you will find some of the best Photos around. As a special feature this site provides some of the Best Stories which are mostly liked by the teenage groups.

MobileZgames - download mobile games for free

Varun’s Vacation Vagaries
- n. pl. va·ga·ries An extravagant or erratic notion or action. Just as the name suggests,the blog is about my vacation vagaries.I write random,funny articles,reviews of films,books,software and solve a computer problem or two. Visit y vagaries for a good time.

MK Beauty 411 - Updates on my personal Mary Kay business, Beauty tips and trends. Featuring a weekly product give-a-way.

Best Technology/Geek Blog

Certification of Telecommunication Devices in Indonesia - E-Books and Popular Books categories In The World.

Best Religious Blog

Koans of the Foolish Master - A growing collection of Zen koans.

Best Political Blog

Raw Dawg Buffalo - african american and world politics, culture, opinion and satire

Spectator Editorial - Conservative analysis of local and national news.

Best Personal/Diary Blog

Kats Litter Box - I am a teacher by day a blogger by night. I have a mixture of things on my blog and you never know what you will get, one day you may cry, one day laugh hysterically, or one day I may make you angry but it's all good.

Bali Dream Home
- It's not about a dream, it's about reality.

My Life My Way - its voice of young Indian

Best Parenting Blog

Midwest Moms - Midwest Moms is a place to share the ups, downs, tips, humor, and wonder of being an American mom.

Best Music/Video Blog

What Does This Song Mean To Me? - Music can completely change my mood, take me back in time and enrich my life. Music ties people together because it gives them a common ground. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Best Make Money Online/Work At Home Blog

Show Me The Money - a blog on ways of making money on and offline via various means.

Job Online - Information that useful on the internet

Webkinz by Ganz - we sell high quaility webkinz at a cheap prices.Cheap & Trusted by

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog

Jan's CycleCast Blog - A series of CycleCasts - psychic weather readings - for the discerning fellow-traveler; seasoned with observations about living in the world of subtle energies and creative endeavors.

How To Love a Black Woman - This is basically a blog about my experiences with men and what I feel black women need in order to be loved right.

Best Humour Blog

Black Zedd’s Basic Literature - A satirical commentary on our corporate world. Covering career tips, management, marketing and business strategies in an opposite perspective.

Beyond Left Field - Satirical look at news and of everyday events...

Spectacular Blog
- A gorgeous, awful, wonderful, terrible, sweet, frothy, pink, moist internet time-kill.

Weird eBay Listings - Can I interest you in some used gym socks? How about a two-headed cow? In these posts you'll find descriptions of and links to some of eBay's most original, creative and just plain weird listings.

Confessions of a Brutally Honest Blonde - the always sarcastic, usually humorous thoughts of a 23 yr old blonde chick from the big city

Best Health and Wellbeing Blog

A New Beginning - My blog is about Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) a chronic, progressive neurological disorder that I have. It has articles of people, medical research, support issues and general information regarding the disease.

iFashionhits - free tips for health and beauty,hollywood and bollywood gossips

Best Entertainment Blog

Spectator Short Stories - A collection of short stories

Mini Games - Information about mini games. 1000% Free download mini games, no pay games, crack, keygen, Gamehouse games, PopCap games, and many more

Movie Holic - a review about film that I've seen

Town of Fun - no gossip, who inspired you, biodata,video clip, bloopers, jokes, hot celebrities, asian calebrities, hollywood, bollywood, photos, pictures, poster, SPORTS,

Best Celebrity/Gossip Blog

Glad Its Night – Where the Stars Have Soul - Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Glad It’s Night, where sophisticated entertainment news lives (we don’t like the word gossip). Glad It’s Night is a Celebrity blog, that is updated daily with a witty, and “unique” (if you will) sensibility. If your a pop culture, fashion, and celebrity junkie then you’ve found your fix!

Best Business/Marketing Blog

Online Instant Payday Loans - Online Instant Payday Loans is here to help you out in times of financial difficulties.

Easy Payday Loans in Georgia - Easy Payday Loans In Georgia helps people in getting advance cash for any emergency before their payday.

Easy Cash Advance Payday Loans - Easy Cash Advance Payday Loans provides various informations about easy payday loans online, bad credit payday loans, easy no fax payday loans, cash advance loans, cash advance payday loans and same day loans.

Emergency Payday Loans - Emergency Payday Loans provides various informations about emergency payday loans online, bad credit payday loans, faxless emergency payday loans, emergency cash advance payday loans and same day loans.

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