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Best Animal/Pet Blog - August/September

Owl Barn - For all those who love owls or owl things or cute things.

Split Rock Ranch Llamas - A small llama ranch in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado where we raise llamas and harvest their beautiful fiber to create fabulous fiber art.

Life With Dogs - A very different documentary of the life and antics of three dogs, those who preceded them, and the occasional incoherent rantings of their dog-obsessed humans.

Best Blogging Tips - August/September

Free Real Traffic - Info about SEO and Traffic tips.

KMP Blog - We do the research so you don't have to.

Gilang's Blog - Blog yang berisi tentang Tips, Trik, Informasi Download dan masih banyak lagi..

Best Business/Marketing Blog - August/September

Pookies Top Money Making Websites - YOUR SOURCE FOR THE BEST FREE MONEY MAKING WEBSITES AND WEB TRAFFIC! After considerable research These are the Top FREE websites out there that pay you for your services whether that be reading emails,surfing the web or referring people

What Do You Think? - What Do You Think addresses business and blogging issues in terms of reaction from viewers.

Informative Topics - Free PLR Articles Republishing Blog.

Business and Technology: A Partnership - The marriage between business and technology continues to grow as technology progresses. Businesses today need technology as much as technology needs business in order to survive. This blog's intent looks at the significance of this important relationship, current issues which emerge in this partnership, and just about anything else that has to do with business.

SCM and ERP Notes - A site on Thoughts, Ideas, Challenges, Opportunities and Trends in Strategy, Supply Chain Management, ERP and General Business. The information will help the users to utliize the best practices and trends from above fields, in their organizations or careers for advancement and success

Best Entertainment Blog - August/September

byxbuzz - The Most-Hated Philippine Showbiz Blog!!!/Source of the latest buzz about anything under the sun!!!

Life of the American Trendsetter - this is where you go for everything fashion celebs and new music

POP! - My Blog is called POP! written by me [The Pop Culture Guy] and it's all about pop culture. Everything dealing with celebrities, fames, gossip, movies, music, and fashion. I update the blog as much as I can with news that interest me and other with the same obsession with fame like I have.

Audiopleasures - All that was left behind , won't be forgotten , an eye on the present and an ear on the future. Electronica , Indie , Alternative , Electro , Punk , Experimental , Rock and other related creative areas Motion Graphics , Movies , Animation , Art.

Online Casino - Online casino consists of tips and tricks, gambling guide for beginners, casino history, latest casino news, casino games, casino funding, and all that a gambler will be in need

Best Food Blog - August/September

BBQing Tips From Deep In The Heart Of Oregon! - BBQ tips for the everyday barbecue person. Recipes, reviews of barbecue grills and accessories.

Luxury Indulgence - Luxury Indulgence is a one-stop blog sharing years of fine dining, luxury shopping & adventurous fusion cooking experience, plus bringing you the latest Sale Events & Contests. Check out my award-winning recipes!

Best Health and Wellbeing Blog - August/September

The Heart Of It All - A simple blog detailing different daily living tips for care, some advice seen and given by others, also a place for feedback for those with simple illness and looking for research.

Health The Greatest Gift of God - important informations related to health,healthy lifestyle. disease, treatment, alerts on recent outbreaks.

A New Beginning: My Life with RSD - A blog about RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) and how it affects my everyday life. Posts are about new medical advances, personal experiences and support information.

Ayurvedic Cure, Prevention, Yoga, Hast Mudra and Healthy Life Style Junction - This site talks about prevention and cure of various diseases with the help of Ayurvedic medicines, Herbs, Yoga, Hast Mudra and Life Style changes.

Mommy's Favorite Things - Featuring the very best ideas and products to live naturally with a whole lot of style!

Best Humour Blog - August/September

Yellowdog Granny - Life of a pagan in a Czech town in central Texas. West, Texas. My views on everything..not politically correct and language is 'earthy'...

nonamedufus - A pop culture geek with time on my hands, I'm just cruising through life, the universe and everything. Don't panic!

Skip's House of Chaos - A wild, eclectic mix of photos, personal observations, movie reviews, political opinions and anything else I find interesting, humorous or thought-provoking. Some of it I write myself, and a lot I post from others (ggiving credit, of course).

40's: Reason's to Live, Love and Laugh out loud - A 40 something woman's attempt to live, love and laugh out loud like no one's watching, and write about it along the way.

Love<3 - lots of random doing adn favorites of mine.

Ruining the Internet - My repository of the things that I find amusing, amazing, bizarre, beutiful, incredible, inventive, outstanding, and downright weird.

The Obnoxious SAHM - Whoever said being a Stay at Home Mom had to be dull and boring was highly mistaken. I take homemaking to a higher level with my quirkiness and sassy attitude. So put on your vintage apron and grab your coffee. Take note, I'll show you how its done!

The Trials Of a madMan - The Insane journey of MegaMan The Madman an alien visitor to Earth.

EyeReckn's Daily Dose - Weekday daily dose of humour for the masses, normally centered around random personal experiences, follower suggested topics, or a topic of great debate.

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - August/September

Candid Corner - Come here to check out some awesome inpiration poetry and stuff that'll make you think... Now how many things make you do that?

Embedded Quotations - Inspirational and famous quotes etched on cards.

Prompted to Think - Prompted to Think

Believe - I have been documenting my journey in learning and appling the laws of nature to my life. I am 2 months in now. My hope is others will learn them as well with seeing my progress, and everything I learn I am sharing.(I QUIT my job 2 weeks ago)

Reality Is Everything - My opinion and views on everyday life presented to invoke thought, emotion, and open-mindedness. May be funny, may be sad, may be enlightening, may be inspiring...

dreemerzden - My Blog is Enlightening, Informative, and Fun!! It's all about my Life and Experiences. I have been considering slipping in a few "good" ads in there (if I could find some) ;) with my kind of blog it would seem natural and unscripted. Not forced, and glammy like most blogs or sites you see out there. It's has become very expected to be sold to with this medium, and something less shallow would be newly accepted, with the right audience. I hope you enjoy!!! let me know. Thanx!!!!! : ) STELTH IS BETTER!!!!

Everlasting Riches - Healthy living, Personal development and ways of creating Everlasting wealth.

Cocco Butter - A blog featuring issues that affect today's black woman.

Jesus Knows You Best - Unique on and see...if you need strength, guidance, love and hope...this inspirational blog will bring you closer to God immediately! Read a short Post and feel your heart and attitude brighten...."All things are possible with God". Jesus is my best friend and HE can make your life better . Please visit and be surprised...3 minutes can change your life! Guaranteed...

Ashok's Blog - Your best place to start the day ! Jokes, Cartoons, Facts, Thoughts, Pictures & interesting information

Best Make Money Online/Work At Home Blog - August/September

Infolinks - Earn money from relevant In-Text ads on your website

Make Money Online Free, Fast and Easy - Just my personal blog where I talk about all the ways I make money online free without spending a cent of my own! Stop by to see how much I'm earning or start your own journey to making money online free!

GBG Distributor Training System - A simple, proven 5-step training system to help GBG distributors build their home business.

IndobiZLine Blog - Blog about business online, make money and blogging tips. But in Indonesian

Genuine Legitimate Income With Your Website - Make money online using free to join programs. tips and suggestions that help you succeed.


Earn Money with Vijayanths - This blog has useful articles n how to earn online. It also has articles on varied subjects such as love, relationships, numerology, astrology, philosophy and self improvement.

Best Music/Video Blog - August/September

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dufusdownbeat - A rock and roll fan with a 60s and 70s bent.

Sound Advice - Sound Advice is new music reviews, free downloads, and assorted other musical stuff.

Mytokioseoul - A place to feed your Asian addiction. Free of rumors, bashing, or hate. The lastest on Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese entertainment.

Best Parenting Blog - August/September

Best Personal/Diary Blog - August/September

Josh-Izums & Josh-Epinions
- Quote of the day, pic of the day and a article.


Cool Blogs - Anything and everything socially and reviewed.

Rehad Reject - Confessions & Confusions of a Good Girl Gone Bad, Gone Good Again!

Love, Elizabeth - Personal thoughts and observations - - often funny and touching - about my life with: 1. My husband, who has a life-threatening illness. 2. My four daughters - two adopted, one special needs, and one who talks a lot. 3. My messy house and art projects.

Sling's Domain - Things I think about stuff.

Mom's Place - Home & Family includes shopping, cooking, and all other things that i am interested with.

Chris' English School - A Blog/Diary of me and a few of my classes and sometimes llfe in a small town in the countryside of Japan.

Bali dream home - Another blog from Bali island of Indonesia, this blog is summarizing by and from a daily life of a person living in Bali island - Indonesia.

life 'round me N you - people are people…and knowing myself makes me know them, too! There are up’s and down’s; high’s and low’s; good and bad… BUT no matter what – LIFE GOES ON! Life ‘round me and you!

Al Abroad - Al is a cool dude. He is a Peruvian Alpaca finger puppet who likes to travel a lot

Aslam's BlogBuzz - This site provides articles on Technical Stuffs, Life Experiences etc including a Photo Gallery section where you will find some of the best Photos around. As a special feature this site provides some of the Best Stories which are mostly liked by the teenage groups.

Metallman's Reverie - I'm Metallman. Who are you?

Meet The Filipina Blogger - A girl who shares opinions, ideas and experiences that will serve as a guide to everyone.

Digging Up My Past - Adult adoptee's dramatic account of her twenty year search for her birth family, her moving reunion and the life she has built with all members of the adoption triad.

The MAD White Woman - Take a stay-at-home mom who has returned to college, an obsessive/compulsive man thing, a newlywed daughter, a Head Demon and a Demon in Training, mix it together and what do you get? My daily blog about life in our crazy little corner of the world in Virginia.

Sleight of Blog - Personal blog of magician Kurt Moore Larson and his girlfriend true crime nerd and video blogger Gitte Gorzelak.

Best Personal Finance/Money Saving Tips Blog - August/September

Consumer Noe - Helping the Canadian consumer get more out of their loonie.

Best Photo Blog - August/September

Nature's Medley - Images portraying the glory and splendor of nature.

Gardens of the World - Photos of world famous gardens.

Worm Carnevale - An underground NYC photography photoblog from photographer and filmmaker, Worm Carnevale.

New York Nitty-Gritty - Daily updated photographs of New York City and its environs. Started in 2005, New York Nitty-Gritty has over 1,500 posts to date. Since the author is in Alaska for the summer of 2009, he will post photos from his trip.

Best Political Blog - August/September

Active Art - Art and politics combined with liberal attitude.

Best Religious Blog - August/September

Your Daily Word - Daily Word of God: Verses and Reflections for everyday life.

Zion Revival Ministries - A religious blog that contains useful messages and tips for a healthy spiritual life.

Best Reviews Blog - August/September

Review Me

iREVIEWS - This a blog of very unique kind which provides you with FREE as well as Paid reviews for your websites/blogs/products. This blog also does sort of SEO so that if your site is reviewed you get a chance to get targeted visitors. And since this blog is been followed by many readers and submitted into various blog directories, chances are much that your site getting traffic through this Website.

When Books Tell A Story - This is my blog where I write about books I liked (and occasionally about those I didn't like) and talk about books and reading.

Best Relationships Blog - August/September

The Stranger - This is about philosophy in general. just check it out.

Best Society/Culture Blog - August/September

I Am A Boomer - This blog is about the issues and concerns of the baby boomer generation. Personal opinions and life experiences add humor and a large dose of nostalgia.

Saucy Evil - At Saucy Evil we tell people what's acceptable and what's not - the Saucy Evil way! Don't take the name too lightly...

Johnny Oops - Blog for the novel Johnny Oops about a young man who can't decide if he is a charlatan or a prophet.

Querámoslo o no, - Blog of Alvaro Oyarzún, visual artist, with drawings, art, humor and comic. The artist lives and works in Chile. This is his first semi-official blog.

Multibrand - Thoughts and Voices about Indonesia

It's Louis Baby - Observations and ponderings of a modern and yet conservative teen. Blogs range from current events to timeless considerations.


Is This Really Happening? - This is my personal opinion blog. I comment on the bad beahavior of politicians, celebrities, athletes and ordinary citizens. There's no hold barred as I tell it the way I see it.

BadGal Says - TheSUSS - This blog is all about what's around us, all the time. Reality with a Slice of Entertainment.

Best Sports Blog - August/September

woMMan - woMMAn thoughts and opinions about what's happening in the MMA world.

The Red Devilz - This is a blog dedicated to the world's best football club: Manchester United. Here is where i write my thoughts on upcoming matches, do some post-match analysis or talk about transfer - rumors or just any other news about the club.

Cricket News and Views - Stay in touch with your favorite game of cricket. A place where you find latest news and reviews. ITS ALL ABOUT CRICKET.....

Best Technology/Geek Blog - August/September

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Digital Innovation | Inspiring Online | A Unit of Siaar Group® - A Tech-Zine Consists of News, Reviews, Previews, How To's, Health Articles, IT Articles, and General Articles purely based on siaar's personal lifetime experiences.

Tricks to rock Rockin' Dude'Z Blog - Here on by renowned blog you can get latest software tips and tricks, hacking guides, cheatcodes and many other cool offers in the cyberspace.Download free java games and ebooks from my website.

Ipod Technical Support - This Blog is all about Apple iPod and iTunes. Here you can find answers to all kind of issue related to iPod and iTunes. Technical support is provided absolutely FREE of cost where anyone can request for help and the reply to the questions will be posted within 24 hours. No more worries on issues related to iPod and iTunes. This blog will solve all the issues. You just need to fire the question and relax back. :)

aMaZiNg GaDgEtS..... - blog contains all the latest gizmos and gadgets u wanted....

inTechgrity | Amalgamating Life & Technology
- Focused mainly on Web-Development, PHP/jQuery/AJAX Projects, xHTML/CSS designing, PS tutorials etc. We also give free Blogger Templates n Tech/Gadget/Freeware related posts

Best Travel Blog - August/September

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Bosnian Cities That You Have To See - A place where you can find the best Bosnian cities and their history

A Visitor's Guide to the Washington DC Metro Area - This site is devoted to tourist information, reviews, observations and perhaps some adventures from the eyes of a resident and frequent tourist.

Cindy London - A foreigner in London with a sharp eye in travel, food, fashion and lifestyle. Except working, experience this lovely city in such a good way by recoeding everything via the blog is always fun. I would love to share my wonderful life with everyone, especially the people who haven't been to this city via my own language. 在倫敦,認真的體驗生活是必備的態度,除了工作、旅遊、美食,還有好多每天新鮮有趣的東西可以跟大家分享,其中當然包含了我最喜歡的Lifestyle與 Fashion。從Brick Lane的Vintage style到Topshop的Fast fashion或者是我最愛逛的Urban Outfitters,都會時不時的跟大家分享與UPDATE。如果光知道最新的倫敦流行訊息不過癮的話,歡迎和我一起Online Shopping喔!

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel - Stunning photography reveals a trove of garden destinations: historical landscapes & public parks; winery gardens & little-known gems. Resources, hotel recommendations, and helpful links' are one click away on 'Garden Travel Buzz', whether planning a day-trip, a once-in-a-lifetime journey, or a virtual tour from the comfort of your home.

Traveling Suitcase - Travel tips for people of all ages, regardless of the size of your budget.

Travelling Around The World - This blog contains information about travel destinations in different countries of the world. You will also find travel tips and suggestions if you are searching for a travel destination.

Kent Today & Yesterday - All you ever wanted to know about the county of Kent, England. Places to go, things to do, facts and trivia, people past and present, historical events.

Malaysia Asia - A travel blog about places of interest around Malaysia and Asia

Best "Other" Blog - August/September

Strange Plants - I collect orchids, hoyas, dischidias, succulents and any other strange plants I can find. I call them "Dr. Seuss" plants, I like the weird ones! Blog updated daily with lots of photos!

Medley of Hues - This blog has some of my Digital Abstract Art, Graphic Design and Acrylic-Based Landscape Art. It contains the artwork itself with interpretation, links to purchase my art, photoshop tutorials on digital art, and digital art news.

Nymphont | Experiments in Digital Type - Design as the category maybe? I don't know Blog Description: A digital type experiment by Lauren Thompson. Maker of unique, stylish and *quality* fonts, free for personal use, with commercial license options available. Compete families, special decorative fonts, and dingbats. Also serving up blogging and design resources & typography inspiration.

The Stranger - This blog is about philosophy in general.

Find Answers - An informative blog where you can find information on health, fitness, food and drink, pregnancy tips, news, research, relationships and so on

OFW Mga Bayani na Walang Bantayog - The journeys, struggles and success of Filipinos working in Qatar, Middle East and the rest of the Wold.

The Wordsmith Diary! - Art, culture, music, fashion, current events, food, love, hate, relationships. . . A place where no stone is left unturned.

World of Warcraft Cheats - A blog about World of Warcraft.

A Life of Rhyme - Free poems for all of those special occasions

Towson U For You - Towson news and information coming straight from a Towson University student

Victorian Dollhouse - Victorian Doll house blog featuring new products and updates from Featuring Victorian Dollhouse, Kits, Gables, Dormers, Brackets, Trim and more.

Centro Abierto Tomillo - El Centro Abierto Tomillo es una escuela de desarrollo del potencial humano en la que explorar, profundizar y aprender capacidades personales que lleven a una vida más completa en un mundo mejor. Proponemos talleres, cursos, programas de formación y actividades con marcado carácter práctico y compromiso de excelencia.

A Galaxy of Mere Words: Poetry by Stephen Hammock - Poetry, Songs, Ballads, and Musings.

WillOaks Studio - Behind the Gallery View - An intersection of beautiful photography, rural living, nature and ecology and my original artwork. As a working artist, I offer my readers more than just finished pieces, but also, a look at the creative process and environment.

The Queen Speaks - This is a blog by a single mom who is also an artist. My mom puts some of her art and creative stuff on her blog. She also talks about being our mom. Some people think she is funny. Maybe thats why she thinks she is the queen or something.

Prizes For August/September Best on Blogspot Polls

Polls are up and running yet again through out August and September. As usual, there are prizes to be won. This time around, the following are up for grabs:

The blog with the most overall votes:

- $30 (paid via PayPal)

- A Premium Blogspot Theme from themes ooruc

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The Best Motivational/Inspirational blog:

- Wealth Affirmations - How to Use Money Affimations To Create Amazing Wealth e-book by Carol King

Wealth Affirmations - How to Use Money Affimations To Create Amazing Wealth

Be sure to check back regularly for more prizes to be added. A few sponsors are waiting to make a decision based on how well the polls go so make sure you work hard at getting anyone and everyone you know to vote for your blog. The more activity there is on the site the more prizes that will be added and the greater the chance of you winning something.

Good Luck!!