Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Personal/Diary Blog - October

AKS Blog - A blog aimed at desperate readers. Find out everything from blogging tips to unique dating tips. Redefine your personality by following simple PD tips. Get in depth reviews on whats hot and whats not. Know more about me from my personal experiences. Explore blogging in depth. In short, expect quality from this blog or just don't visit.

Wine at Five? - Life short. Live it to the fullest and drink lots of wine along the way. A personal blog about wine, family life, humorous posts, and all things relevant to me.

Thoughts of a Girl - Random thoughts of a regular girl.

The Abstract Mind - Abstract Ideas and interest..any interesting topic to share..

Dosox Journal - A Brief Walk Before I Go



  2. I’m not sure this is the best web blog dairy why they call these as personal diary.Blog is defined as web blog . Blog communites allows blog personal diaries. compared to other communities blog diary is very useful to every one.
    Teff john


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    A very personal diary of a very popular girl...

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