Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Personal/Diary Blog - July/August

All Introspect - A blog on life, literature and everything in between.

A Journey of Life - my personal diary and small bit and pieces of my life

Read About Girls Psychology - Read the minds of Girls and what they think about boys, their feelings, nature & the way of thinking !!

Blue Tomato Journal - Poetic musings - photos - personal music videos - journal sketches

XOXO Joanna - Music, life, photography, friends, passion.

Future Perfect - A blog about anything everything....but no nonsense!

Chris' English School in Japan - Me coming outta Hawaii and teaching English in Japan at my own little School

~*~Tinkerbell~*~ - The magical journal of a Dutch witch used for thoughts, experiences, comments and anything else that comes to mind.

Active Art - My blog is art, politics and activism.

Metallman's Reverie - I'm Metallman. Who are you?

♥P!nK LatT3♥ - I'm not pretty, I'm not ugly, I'm not caring, I'm not bossy, I'm not smart, I'm not stupid, I'm not funny, I'm not bored, I'm not jolly, I'm not 100% perfect. I'm just me. I'm just Liki.. I may be blur,crazy and blur again..but this is the side of me..and it would never loses it place in me..=) Read my blog and get addicted ♥

Life According To Me - Rants and Stuff about my Life and how I deal with success and failure..

101 Things in 1001 Days - In 2007, I made a list of 101 things that I wanted to do within 1001 days. I crossed off most of the things on my first list, so now I'm into my second list of 101 things, and my second 1001 days. This blog charts my progress.

A View From Carmine Superiore - Life in a tiny stone-built medieval village high on a mountainside overlooking Italy's Lago Maggiore. Medieval and modern. Children and chickens. Barbera and books. Felines and frescoes. The mountains and the lake. All without the benefit of a road...

The Diary of a Lesbionic Socialite - Senior Executive Account Manager by Day & Sticky Fetish Dominatrix by Night.

Sanctuary of my Emotions - This blog talks about my life experiences, thoughts, ideas, emotions.

Outbox of Meg: Wanderings and Wonderings of Meg - Life is beautiful, I wanna share it! My life experiences may be the same or different from others may I be a blessing. I love this digital age and want something to look back in the future.

My Life My World My Dream - A Graphic Design Students daily life :D bring u into the design world and the progress of designing

Stars In The Endless Softness Of The Sky - This blog captures the comical, ironic, beautiful side of an otherwise dull and ordinary life. Savour life analysed by an eccentric, excessively perceptive, insufficiently logical. - March 17, 2010 - I found my old page with few of my old posts. It made me sad to see those abandoned words. I use to think I did not choose the words, they chose me. I feel bad to have abandoned them when they so kindly picked me. I will not abandon you anymore...

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