Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - July/August

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A Life of Rhyme - Free Poems and rhymes for birthdays, weddings and all other special occasions.

Personality Development - Personality Development, Self Improvement, Building Leadership and Positive Attitude, Human Resource Development, CEO Guide, Emotional Intelligence, Management Principle, Greatness Guide, Positive Thinking, Creative Intelligence, Life Style, Intuition, Brainstorming.

Random Thoughts - A feel good read blog. To be enjoyed by everyone. A motivational blog to move ahead rather than to look at our past and brood about it. The sun always comes out to shine after a rainy day.

The Coach Amy - I am a Certified Life Coach out there trying to reach anyone I can.

Sanctuario Christian Ministries - This is blog where you can find encouragement that uplifts your soul...

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