Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Animal/Pet Blog - March/April

This DVM's Wife's Life - Welcome to my crazy world of being married to my veterinarian "Yooper" husband, two polar opposite children, 40 acres of paradise and my life in this northern state. Living the 30 something life, married to my soul mate, John Deere solves alot of my problems, referred to as a yooper's wife, love my diesel truck, passion for photography, love my horses, live with a neurotic Corgi dog, need cats in my life, can't go a day without laughter, my kids are my world!

The Colbert Report: The Story of a Foster Dog - It follows the goings on of our house, which starting with our first and failed foster, Colbert, is now a foster home for several rescue organizations. Colbert was a feral and abused puppy that came to us at 5 months old and still at the age of 2 has an aversion to many things, including me.


  1. Great page!!

    Roger Buck

  2. Thanks Wendy for doing such a great job on the "Colbert Report" Roger Buck