Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Inspirational/Motivational Blog - March/April

Blessedness of Believing - Inspirational author, Linda Meadows has created a blog that highlights the enjoyment of life and also celebrates not only her faith journey, but others. The blog has interesting commentary, uplifting music, wonderful scripture, insightful individuals/links, community events and more importantly counting our blessings-all designed to motivate and encourage us that there is a blessing in believing. We're on a journey!

POETIC CRIES OF INTERPERSONEL EXPRESSIONS - this is not just my blog, its a page of and for everyone who belives in one and only one god, its for all those who lives to listen to eternal music, its for everyone who loves to love, for everyone who is believes in exploring the creative part of his soul, who belives in analysing the beauty of nature, who belives in saying what he or she feels and feeling what he or she says, its for the lovers of life in the season of darkness, its for the optimists in the vally of pessimism, its for people who live with LIFE before they die.

Dream of Jade
- It is a self-development blog to inspire people with Eastern and Western culture, wisdom and philosophy. The author aims to co-create the future with readers from co-cultural view.

Make Life Easy at Education Junction - It is an Educational and life style portal providing relevant information about Admission Notifications, Entrance Examinations, Results, Previous Year Papers, Date Sheet, Discussions ,Placement Papers, Latest Education News, Scholarships, Syllabus, Education Related Tips and Articles, Top Colleges and universities, Jobs & Careers, Coaching and Training information for CET/IIT/JEE/PMT/AIEEE In short all to make your life easy and simple

Jesus Knows You Best - This blog was created to inspire others to grow closer to God, show them how to do it, reveal all the benefits and make their life more fun, happy and easier! God does not want you to sweat out the hard times alone .He will always love you and give you want you need. Get closer to God and watch your whole life CHANGE! GUARANTEED........Spiritually gifted writier will open your eyes!


  1. Hi Gerri,
    Thank you for posting my blog site JESUS KNOWS YOU BEST.BLOGSPOT.COM on your Best of Blogspot site.

    I submitted this site as an inspiritional/motivational blog for your March/April Best of...somehow, it was placed on the Best Travel Blog entry. Could you please move it?
    Thanks so much,

  2. @ K.Frangeskos,
    Sorry about the mix up. The error has been fixed up. Thanks for letting me know.