Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Society/Culture Blog - March/April

Gullibility - Imagine...never being duped again. Looking at the meaning beyond the text. Bridging the unbelievable to the believable, and the sublime to the ridiculous

Being & Quirkiness - Travels up the river of human thought.

I Am A Boomer
- This blog is about the issues and concerns of the baby boomer generation. Personal opinions and life experiences add humor and nostalgia.


  1. Wonderul, sarcastic, iconoclastic, humorous little blog worthy of more recognition. Count Sneaky

  2. This is a wonderful litle blog and few others pick us up and carry us along in a tour bus to visit such happily ridiculous places as an occassional stop to feed the monkeys wrestling alligators in a road-side orange stand. If you take everything seriously, this blog is not for you, otherwise, open cheek, insert tongue, and enjoy. Count Sneaky