Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Humour Blog - March/April

My Retirement Chronicles - Written by a newly retired R.N., this blog contains humor about everyday life, observations and past experiences

Weekly Sports Bloopers and the Unusuals - sports bloopers, funny, weird, unusual, and plenty of OUCH! pictures from around the world.

Yellowdog Granny - old redneck pagan. so libral if i leaned any further to the left I'd fall over.Posting from my home town of West, Texas' Give updates on the activities of West and our Westfest celebration

For Love or Funny
- The place to laugh about the peaks and valleys of parenting.

amyoops - Things I find funny.

- A twenty-something girl sharing the neurotic happenings of life. They say I'm neurotic, I say I'm the Anti-Christ of normal.

Passive and Aggressive
- Follow my peculiar adventures in Lubbock, Texas.

No One Can Own Your Soul - I live in the land of poofy bangs and bitchin' Camaros. These are my stories.

Holy Mackerel - Just a usually funny blog about me, my life, parenting, just being, one day at a time.

Homemade Hilarity - Homemade Hilarity is an homage to only the most wonderfully horrific art projects and fantastically misguided handicrafts found on the internets.

Nonamedufus - A pop culture geek with a 60s and 70s bent, just tryin' to fit in. With time on my hands, I'm just cruising through life, the universe and everything. Don't panic!

The Flavored Mom - This one not about children - why would strangers want to read about my kids?- an irreverant take on a wide variety of topics.

Skip's House of Chaos - Life, love, humor, politics, pictures. personal observations, and pretty much anything else I want to put on here.