Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Religious Blog - March/April - All Christian. All Single!

Too Many Questions - An irreverent examination of the religious landscape which the earths many scriptures would have us believe. If you are easily offended - you'll be offended.


  1. More like an irrelevant examination of the religious landscape. Why get so uptight about something you don't believe in.

  2. Because it has a direct consequence on our lives, even though we don't believe. Stay out of the schools, the labs, and the courtrooms then we'll leave you alone to talk to your imaginary friend, who gives you a nice warm feeling inside, but who'll be so pissed if you support "the gays" or not beating your cheating wife.

  3. We aren't uptight about something we don't believe in for no good reason. Religion is the major underlying cause for almost every war ever fought. Religion encourages people to focus on differences, rather than similarities. Organized religion is mass mind control, plain & simple. #TCOT: Top Closedminds On Twitter